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Write everyday?

I'm told by every writing site I've been to, every book and article I've read, and every English class I attended that your writing will only improve it you write everyday. As I'm traveling down this road of becoming a better writer and finding my voice, I'm learning three things.

First... Yes, you need to writing everyday, 100 words, 500 words, 1000 words. It doesn't matter, just write. Here's a great article on finding your voice from Medium. It is helping with finding the authentic me, not the created me from all those years ago.

Honesty gives us wings by Pipp Warner

Second... I'm finding prompts extremely helpful. There are several ways to find prompts. Discord and Medium have writing sites that have daily, weekly, monthly prompts, and ones that challenge you to use items and difference perspectives in your prompt writings.

Third... Read other authors doing what you want to do, edit your own work with creative criticism, use the dictionary and thesaurus. As I was told over and over again growing up and in school, "If you want to be better, do better."

YMMV, to use a slang abbreviation of the Gen X and Gen Z. But I can tell it's working for me.

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