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This was a day that had to be carefully managed

Dr's appt, grocery store, gas station, post office, household tasks, photos to edit, new writing, the list goes on and on...

Now it's time to drink tea, write this post, share a couple of the photos I worked on today. I received my first rejection letter from writing I had submitted. I'm saving it because it just means that I have proof that I am doing this. Keep writing, something every day. Keep taking photos, something every day. Put aside time to do tasks to make me better.

One thing I'm going to write an article about is management of family, business, and chronic illness. It's a tricky thing to maintain communication between all parties (thank goodness for texting), not to procrastinate, and not end the day in tears. I'll be completely honest and say that I'm not master of this. I get to sleep closer to the early morning hours and have too much crammed into one day. But there is a way to do be successful. Watch for more info.

I can't share my writing, but I can show you this pretty rose bud I took back in early fall before the frost. It was either the last, or one of the last blooms of the year.

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