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Still editing, but took time to Volunteer tonight

This picture is straight from the camera. I didn't do anything to it, but download and post it. I loved the look of the moon between the bare branches of the Maple trees around us. I continued to work on editing and trying to get all my social media accounts to point where I want them too. some are giving me trouble. Wanting to connect to my personal accounts and not professional ones.

But! tonight Katie (my eldest and almost 22) and I volunteered at Project C.U.R.E. They take donated medical supplies and ship them to vetted hospitals and clinics around the world. Before we got back in about two weeks - three shipments will go out. Two to Africa and one to Ukraine.

We both didn't even feel like two hours had passed. We had an incredible time sorting the donations by expiration date and then into main categories. The process is actually three sets of quality control. The initial sort (what we did), then going through the bins to make sure they were initially sorted correctly and for any damaged items, lastly medical professionals look through the donations and help sort them for their ultimate destination.

One of the African shipments is specifically for babies and young children, so the items in those pallets will differ from the one sent to Ukraine, for instance. But it won't be untrained medical volunteers doing the end sorting (or sometimes even the middle stage of sorting).

We have volunteered elsewhere in the past, but tonight really felt like I was doing good. It was a very Gishy feeling. Once a Gisher, always a Gisher. Like SPN, nothing ends until we say it does. And trust me, we will always be spreading kindness.

I finished the drive home, by stopping (Katie was thrilled) to take pictures of some special landmarks in my hometown. They are in my "To Edit" folder. We'll see if I took anything I can work with.

Good night and I leave you with the moon shining on you.

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