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February Update

I apologize for not having posted an update in over a month. I've been struggling with health issues. I have also been trying to pare down where my strengths lie and what I truly want to share with you.

One of the things my family loves to say about me is that I am a pure Tennessee Mule. I will get my teeth into something and never let go. When I began my life anew, I had the desire to make a difference for those going through the issues I have dealt with for decades. The question was how best to do that.

Like many people, I tried tackling too many things at once. It left me feeling overwhelmed, sick, and frustrated. I've taken this month to reassess my goals. I am writing daily and spending time getting to know the "new" me.

I do have a few pieces coming out in an online literary magazine soon. I will post when and where it is available when I have the information.

All my best.

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