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Michelle Jimerson Morris

Where do I start? What do you really want to know? How detailed?
Do you really know me?

Quick and Dirty:

Photographer, Writer and Researcher.


Nature and Architectural Photography. Writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction stories, and articles on various topics for publication. Researcher available for hire. 

More in depth:

I started as an amateur genealogist when I was 16, combing the records of the small libraries and historical repositories  in my Dad's family's home counties in northwest Tennessee. That's wasn't the beginning of my love of history, but it was the first time I tried to really piece together and document something of value.

I went on to get degrees in History, focusing on Material Culture, Museums and Archives. I found work in the museum field, starting with data entry, and then as the Research Assistant to the Director of History. During all these years I worked on photography, research skills, interviews with donors, creating exhibits, writing scripts, and refining my skill set. 

When I left the museum and became a Mom I learned a whole new skill set. Those with children can laugh and groan with me. I think I all I need to say are forgotten lego pieces in the carpet. At about 4 yrs old my eldest started showing signs of being what we now are calling Neurodivergent (ND). Though it isn't a medical term, it's become a social and culturally accepted term that is an umbrella for neurological developmental disorders (for example Autism Spectrum Disorders) and mental health disorders (ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression to name a few). Those without these disorders are called Neurotypical (NT).

I fought with the health system and learned how to navigate its waters to get my daughter the help she needed, from therapists and doctors and different therapy options and medications. It's a battleground filled with landmines when working with mental health and raising a child who doesn't fit the "norm." We ended up homeschooling both our children because of their unique conditions and a bad fit in the school system. They were diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrome and a host of mental health issues that are commonly found with those on the Autism Spectrum. Aspergers has now been categorized with Autism Spectrum Disorders and not recognized on its own anymore. We also learned my husband is ND and most of the conditions the kids' inherited came down through his DNA.

What this led to is that the episodic migraines and certain other nerve conditions I had been dealing with successfully since I was a child became much, much worse. I earned my own diagnoses and became disabled by my chronic migraines and other neurological diseases. For 15 yrs I was in a prison of chronic pain without and treatment that helped.

In April of 2022 I went to a new neurologist who tried a different protocol of treatment options, trying to hit as many of my disorders as he could. It took months to get everything approved by insurance and get my system on board, but I can say it worked. For the first time in 15 years I was released from my solitary confinement and rejoined the world in late Sept 2022. My birthday was on October 2nd, I turned 50 and believe that my gift was life. 

Now I am doing all the things I wanted to do, but couldn't. All those years that I lost and imagined what I would do if I had a chance to be "normal" again. I'm still on a tight leash, medically, having to follow a strict regimen of medications, treatments and doctor appointments. But I can hold a camera, edit photos, continue research, continue genealogy, write for pleasure, tell stories that I want to tell, and help others from all that I've learned from the various aspects of my life.

I'm just starting my autumn years, but I'm flying free now with the broken chains behind me. I look forward to living, loving life and sharing it with you. 


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